MIHO Watanabe CV


Oct-Nov 2019 – Arboreal Narratives: group show at Grace Cossington Smith Gallery

Oct 2019 – Paddington Art Prize 2019

Sep-Oct 2019 – Willoughby Visual Art Biennial 2019 public art installation

Sep 2018 – Hidden Sculpture prize at RookWood Cemeteries Sydney

Sep 2018 – BOAA “Hit me with your best shot” Melbourne

June 2018 – Ravenswood art prize Sydney

Mar to Apr 2018 – “Awareness of Between-ness: Reproducing the Remarkable Trees of France and Australia”
Joint Exhibition with Louise Fowler Smith at Gaffa Gallery, Sydney

Jan to June 2018 – Contemporary Art Award 2018

Nov 2017 – Realising Mother at Kudos gallery, Sydney

June 2017 – “Luminal” at TAP gallery, Sydney Curator: Pearl de Waal

June 2017 – Betweenness strangeness exhibition at Royal Holloway University, London

Mar 2017 – North Sydney Art Prize at The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability, Sydney

Sep 2016 – Beams Festival “Tree’s energy” Chippendale, Sydney

Jan to June 2016 – Contemporary art award 2016

Feb 2016 – Blake Prize Directors cut

Sep 2015 – Beams Festival “PetBottle Phenomenon” Chippendale, Sydney

May 2015 – “Awareness of Between-ness: Katami (once a possession of deceased)” at AD Space UNSW Sydney

Oct 2014 – “Colour Party” Irorimura Garo, Osaka, Japan

Sep 2014 – Beams Festival “Spirited PetBottle” Chippendale, Sydney

2014 – Landfill Art Project “Awareness of Between-ness: Tree Hugger” www.landfilart.org USA

April 2014 – Art in Threads, Multicultural exhibition and fashion show, Collaboration with fashion designer Cinni Ho “Rice”

Nov 2013 – “Continuum” COFA Space, Sydney, Australia

Sep 2013 – 10 days climate change, as a member of Tree Veneration Society, New York

Sep 2013 – Beams Festival “Missing PetBottle Project” Chippendale, Sydney

July 2013 – Intra-action, “Lost Memories” MOP Gallery, Sydney Australia

March 2013 – “Mixed Media Moment” Art Moment Gallery, Bondi, Australia

Nov 2012 – “Tomorrow, Today” COFA Honours Final Show, Sydney, Australia

Oct 2012 – Kudos Award, Kudos Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Sep 2012 – Beams Festival “PetBottle Project” Chippendale, Sydney

May 2012 – “Half Way Mark” BFA Honours Mid Year Exhibition, Sydney, Australia

Nov 2011 – The Tree Veneration Society “Canopy” Collaborative installations on Childcare centre’s trees in Chippendale, Sydney

Oct 2011 – Paddington Art Prize, Menzies Art Brands Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Aug 2007 – Art of Wedding Photos “New Beginning” La-Vie, Osaka, Japan

2007 – The Churchie Emerging Art, “The Girl with angel wings” Brisbane, Australia

Feb 2006 – La-vie Photographic Exhibition “Chasing the Shadow” La-vie, Tokyo, Japan

2005 – Hard Copy Digital Art, “Day Dreaming” Melbourne, Australia

Artist Group:

2011 – Member, Environmental Art Group “Tree Veneration Society”

Award & Grants:

Oct 2019 – Cambridge University conference Trust and Truth invited presenter

2018 – Elite Funeral Directors Award at Hidden 2018

2017 – ANU Scholarship

2013 – Australian Postgraduate Award

2012 – Collage of Fine Arts Deans List

2011 – “Tree Veneration Society” received “Local Action Plans Matching Grants” by City of Sydney


Private collections in Japan, Australia and London

Academic History:

2017 –  Australian National University, Art & Design PhD, Sydney Australia

2013 – 2015   University of New South Weals, Art & Design, Master by Research Fine Art, Sydney Australia

2009 – 2012  Collage of Fine Art, UNSW, Bachelor of Fine Arts, First Class Honours, Sydney, Australia

2007 – 2008   TAFE Medowbank, Certificate IIII in Fine Art Sydney, Australia

Professional Photographer for editorial and commercial – www.miho.com.au